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TASK Engineering is an RMS prequalified traffic signal contractor installing traffic lights throughout NSW.

Our business services extend to:

  • Supply & installation of new traffic lights in NSW
  • Reconstruction of existing traffic lights in NSW
  • Design & Construction packages for major roadworks
  • Temporary traffic lights for major roadworks projects
  • Traffic Light installations on smart poles
  • Traffic lights for Car Park Management and on private roads & properties via - www.alightelectrics.com.au

We are one of only 2 RMS independent companies to hold the higher financial level of prequalification for Traffic Light works. TASK is also registered class G by RMS for the provision of traffic control which allows us to be self sufficient on our traffic light contracts.

TASK has officially been operating since 1989 (nee A.W.K Engineering), however a name change was applied to reflect changes in management structure over the years.

This means with TASK, you get 25 actual years of experience in the NSW Traffic Lights industry. Our staff are some of the longest serving in traffic lights, and we boast a combined management resources of 100+ years in Traffic Lights in NSW.

We have built our companies reputation based on honesty and integrity. We know traffic light works can be hard to negotiate, and we pride ourselves on informing our client's, right from the start, everything they need to know to effectively and honestly budget their works and manage their projects. Our staff are experts in tight deadlines, coordinating with roadworks & civil installations, and multitasking over major projects working with our clients to the end result.

As TASK has been operating for many years, we have vast experience on any type traffic light installation in NSW; however we target and specialize in major roadwork contracts with multiple sets of traffic lights.

A complete reference list is available from our Traffic Light database for any prospective client, however the following is a selection of our recent contracts.

Traffic Lights Installation on Camden Valley Way and Fairwater Drive

Completed Set of Traffic Signals at Camden Valley Way, Harrington Park July 2007

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